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Image by Tim Mossholder

V-Disk Technology

The V-Disk was designed and developed to be a simple and accurate device.

We utilized the latest technology, materials, and manufacturing techniques available today.

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Over 250 million vehicles on the road and 8 million manufactured every year in the USA are potentially at risk of post-crash fires.

Although a rare event, when a severe collision happens, hot electrical wires tear off and fuel lines rip allowing volatile highly flammable combustibles to ignite quickly. And on electrical system failures, enough hydrogen gas to cause extensive damage.

Estimates from NSTSA show that about 225,000 vehicles catch fire, 600 people die, 1,800 persons with severe or extensive burns and about 2Billion dollars in direct property damages occur every year resulting from accidents on American roads.

There are efforts done by governments to mitigate the problem which include increasing the number of water hydrants on roads entering cities, also there is an increasing call for auto manufacturers to include non-flammable materials in the production of their products.

The V-Disk provides an additional tier of protection by interrupting the "Hot" electricity immediately upon impact, thereby preventing sparks that ignite combustibles or power to overheat electrical systems.

Image by Michael Krahn


Having a V-Disk installed in your vehicle, in the event of a crash, the live hot positive electricity coming from the battery is interrupted (cut-off), thereby eliminating the possibility of sparks near fuel lines or current to cause an electrical hazard.

The V-Disk device is an on-impact electrical interrupter that also records the force/speed involved and the direction from which the impact occurred.

It is easy to install and low cost to manufacture.


The market consists of more than 250 million vehicles on the road and 8 million manufactured every year that can be considered as potential users.

Obtaining the support from different governmental agencies and private institutions to validating certifications from independent vehicle testing facilities will open the market.

Selling on-line, auto/car parts retailers, and licensing to car manufacturers in the US is in the scope.

For those interested in obtaining some equity in the form of shares of the V-Disk Project, this will be an opportunity for early investors.

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