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Mission Statement

We develop ideas and products that make everyday life better.

"It's all about making life better"

EverEdge Solutions LLC was formed in 2018 to manage the different innovative ideas and projects.

Team and Key Roles

Jose Antonio Bauer

CEO, President

Founder EverEdge Solutions. Has previous patent approved by USPTO.

Matthew Johnen

Score Mentor

SCORE entrepreneurial and decision-making support

Mr. Wee

Electricomechanical Exp.

Electromechanical engineer and Owner of Surex stores

Dago Ortiz 

Development of prototypes

Successful owner of a complete machining and tooling shop in Orlando, Florida—True Precision Machining Inc.

Tim Ratclife

Scale Manufacturing

Pace Manufacturing

Greg Larsen
International Business Adv Pace 

Over 30 years of experience in International Affairs representing several well-known brands/names overseas.

Patent Lawyers

Legal Advisor

Business Lawyers

Legal Advisor

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