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Innovative life saving device & analog recorder.

The V-Disk greatly reduces the risk of post-crash vehicular fires.

Problem Worth Solving

Post-crash fires happen often. Live, peeled wires and broken fuel lines, and nowadays electrical system failures producing hydrogen gas, can quickly ignite a fire, causing material damages, injuries to people, including extensive burns, smoke inhalation, and even death. 

​As per standard procedure, as soon as first responders/firefighters arrive at the scene, they must FIRST address the safety of the operation by CUTTING OFF the battery wire/cables of the wrecked vehicle. In many instances first responders arrive too late to prevent a fire.

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V-Disk safety device

The solution is to prevent the fire in the first place. The V-Disk is a life-saving device and data recorder that dramatically reduces the risk of a post-crash fire. It's a small, simple to install, inexpensive and accurate device that you can count on for peace of mind. It is also capable of recording the force/speed and the direction of the impact, aiding with forensic analysis.

With our bright red reflecting recognizable sticker emblem, first responders now have the chance to tend to the accident victims FIRST.


Why Us?

The V-Disk is an innovative new safety device that minimizes post-crash fires and saves lives.  V-Disk was developed with experts in their related fields; and is patent protected.  The NHTSA estimates 225,000 vehicles catch fire every year, causing over 2 billion dollars in property damages.  More alarming, approximately 1,800 people are injured in fiery crashes each year.  And 600 people die every year.  The V-Disk will lower these statistics.


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